1. What is the fish derby location?
The Flinty is April 7 at 11am at Bakers Narrows on Lake Athapap. Bakers Narrows is located 16 km south of FF on highway #10.


2. A second hole is available to all anglers at a cost of $40.

Second hole can be purchased online or at the derby site the day of the tournment.


3. Where can we park?

There will a number of designated parking areas. Their will a parking attendant at each lot to assist and transportation to the site from any lots a distance from the derby site.


4. All anglers can receive a free ride to the fishing site

All anglers can receive a free ride to and from the fishing site (approximately 500m)


5. How deep will we be fishing?

The holes closest to shore will be about 2/3 m and the holes on the outside farthest from the beach will be 10/15m


6. What kind of fish can we catch at The Flinty?

There are at least 7 species of fish in Lake Athapap. Lake Athapap is a high quality lake. One of the few freshwater lakes in the world were 2 different world records have been caught. All game species are open for entry in the Derby.
Lake Trout, Pike, Walleye, Burbot, Whitefish, Tulabie, Perch.


7. Are there other hotels in FF besides the Victoria Inn & Bakers Narrows Lodge?

Yes in Creighton Sk. there is The Prospecter, and the Hooter. In FF the is the Royal Hotel and the Oreland Motel.


8. How far is it from The Pas to Flin Flon?

About 140km. (85mi.)Nice highway about 1 1/2 hr. drive. From Clearwater lake (derby site) in the Pas to Bakers Narrows (derby site) in FF is 100 km. (60mi.)  A 1hr. Drive.


If you have any other questions feel free to contact us or email us at FlintyFishDerby@gmail.com